Food and Snacks at XEO

We do not have an on-site kitchen at this time. However we have a variety of beer snacks, etc.
Additionally, we occasionally have pizza, ice cream and other items.

We have special events here and there and may have food catered in for the occasion.
Finally, we schedule food trucks often, particularly on weekends.

You are always welcome to bring your own food or have it delivered to the brewery unless for some specific reason we ask you not to. For instance, an event that had food... we need you to support our vendors.

Check this site and/or our Facebook for posts about food, snacks and food trucks.

'Lil Menu of Snacks

Pizza - Pepperoni or Cheese $12
(when available- ask your beertender)

Mozzarella Sticks $7
(with Marinara sauce)

Mini Chicken Tacos $6
(Add salsa $2)

Hot Soft Pretzel $5
(with salt and mustard)

Extra Dark "Splits" Pretzels $3
(Southeastern PA – The pretzel capital of the world)

Hot Praline Candied Pecans $4

Chips and Salsa $4

Chips $2

Can Soda $2
(ask your beertender for choices)

*images are not pictures of actual food/snacks served at XEO

Food Truck Schedule

No food trucks scheduled at this time.